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Thx Tao for adding More Than Meets The Eye to Fashion World. xoxo

My main fashion inspiration comes from a friend I have known for about 12 years. When we met he was a booker at a modeling agency and when we started talking over drinks he told me about his passion for fashion and that he dreamed of becoming a couturier. A few years after we met I was involved in the organisation of his first big couture show, and nowadays he has a blooming fashion house in Antwerp. Although we don’t have frequent contact anymore, I never stopped following his collections and I am proud of what he has achieved.

What fascinates me in Stephan Badal’s fashion is the ultra femininity in design, combined with often very rich asian fabrics, not to mention impeccable detailing and craftsmanship. The designs he makes serve just one purpose…. to make women look as beautiful as possible. In the last year I have seen many of the things he uses in his designs in inworld collections too and it always makes me smile to see how RL fashion finds its way into our second lives.

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