Retro Cuteness With Artilleri


It’s an Artilleri Monday, with the new brown/blue Zara skirt, the blue Sally sweater and the brown Elspeth cardigan. Antonia Marat is still one of my favourite creators, and has been active since before I came to SL, yet still remains fresh and up to date!. Also the Gladys glasses are frmo Artilleri, btw.

I’m also wearing BOOM’s white cuffed socks and Shiny Things’ Kelsey pumps. The pearl necklace is from Whippet & Buck. Today’s skin is Lille from Bella di Notte and Ploom made this Dusty Beehive a couple of weeks ago for one of the weekend events, I don;t know whether it is regularly available atm, and SL won’t let me TP/

SLurls are listed here

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