Release the Kraken


Call me biased, but I think you all should be happy that Menno Ophelia re-launched Kari a couple of weerks ago. Yes, we’re friends in RL, we live close by and go for our infamous club sandwich lunches where RL and SL mix seamlessly at least once a month and we share a love for a good glass of whisky.  But Menno is also one of the most creative content creators I know, and many of you will remember the awesome job he did on the Emvee Cuba sim.

Kari is one of those eclectic little shops that have a bit of everything. Some (pose) props, decorations for your home and shop, shoes, some clothing items, and fun accesoires like this Kraken necklace. The current display in the shop also matches Menno’s current marine themed releases.

You all have your own selection of shops shops that you just can’t resist rummaging when you are in town (RL) or in world, add Kari to your list because even if you won’t find what you didn’t know you were looking for this time, I’m sure you will next time!

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4 thoughts on “Release the Kraken”

  1. Thank you so much for posing this! I just got a necklace similar to this in RL and I’m very amused and happy that I can also have one in SL.

    Thanks again for sharing such a great designer.

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