Relay For Life Midway Fair


Today was the Relay for Life Midway Fair. Half way through this year’s campaign we are now at a striking 20 million L$ (over 80k USD). Most of the RFL support teams had booths or plots set up at one of the 4 available sims, and as soon as the event started traffic was so high. Within one hour the Relay Cure sim crashed.

My team, Shopaholics for a Cause/Cure, was offering tarot readings but the start was so stressfull. The readers could not come in because the sim was full, and one of the 2 that eventually did make her way to the venue kept crashing. Luckily later everything settled down more or less and we could all enjoy the fair.

I could attend only a small part of the event that took place from 1-9pm SLT, as the main part of it was in my night. But it was so much fun seeing everyone looking lovely in gypsy wear. So many wonderful, funny, colourful, sexy people all together raising funds for fighting cancer. It’s just an awesome thing.
Thanks to all my wonderful friends for making this event so succesful and fun. You know who you are!
Now we should start making a serious planning for an event at the end of June/beginning of July. We have found several content creators willing to make one of a kind items that can be auctioned off, and whilst I am not yet relealing any names, I can reassure you that they are amongst SL’s finest designers!

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