Red Room
I am feeling pretty Red these few days, I dont know why, but I just can not take the reds off me! So here I decided to put the very best of Red I could match with my favourite color, Black of course.

The Aoharu shirt is just too good, it is sleek, shiny, black and well, has red kiss marks on it! what else would you want? The pants from .44 caliber are pretty amazing, they are better than I expected, they come in two versions, shiny and matte, along with two sculpted cuff versions and a sculpted belt buckle. The hair from MAD are available in many colors, I took the black with red streaks, they are a little hard to adjust but I like the style. The gloves from Cheerno are amongst my favourites, they come with diamonds studded in them with various color options. The shoes are from HOC, I wear them more frequently than I would like to admit, they are just impeccable. The tattoo I am wearing is a new one which I have not released yet, it is a nice full body design, face included, which you can see in the pictures. I will let the pictures say the rest…oh well, you already saw them before reading this..nevermind..let me know what you think!

On me:
Shirt – Kiss Mark Shirt *Black* : AOHARU
Pants – Low Rise Pinstripe – *Blood* : –>F&C<--
Hair – Joey ~ BLS II : MADesigns Hair
Gloves – Diamond Gloves *Black* : Cheerno
Shoes – Easy Striders : HOC Industries
Cigarette – Cigarette : O!Bleak
Tattoo – Hellish (unreleasd) : HUZ-TATS

PS: The shots are edited yes, but only lighting and other effects are added, nothing significant has ever been changed on the items being worn.

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  1. Have I told you lately how happy I am to have you share this blog with me? Awesome post, awesome look! Xoxo

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