Real Men Shop Too!

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This weekend Felicity plurked about some newness soon to be implemented over at Belleza, style boards with tips about where to get the shown items. A bit like some shapemakers do with the notecard they include with their products, but then purely as a service to their visitors. I think it’s a handy service for a lot of men, who don’t want to spend much time searching for something new to wear, but my SLSO thought that it was most likely to appeal to gay men.
Ho, wait, stop… WHAT? Real men do shop and especially when they are my SLSO [insert evil grin here]. So I took him over to Sey and basically helped him coming out of  the proverbial closet, as far as shopping goes, that is. Soon he will agree with me that it’s quite nice to not have to search for nice things to wear, but that you can pick up tips at Belleza (or just bylly your partner into doing pre-shopping). By the way, with quite some self mockery, the idea of coming out of the closet for this pic was totally Don’s.

Don is wearing: the sweater and scarf from Sey, jeans from Aharu,  shoes from Redgrave, Skin from Laq
Grazia is wearing: Hair Danni by Truth, Skin Orchid by The Body Co, tunic from Très Blah, Capris from LeLutka and ballet flats from GOS

4 thoughts on “Real Men Shop Too!”

  1. actually, I put that in more as a reference to the fact that Don is not much of a shopper. He has his own unique look, wearing a kilt often.

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