Putting on your make up…..


Earlier today Glam Affair released their new skin Monica, which I featured on SkinAddiction, but at the same time, Monica (yes… the skin was named after her) from Miamai released a truck load of make ups for this beauty.

There are 2 full face make up sets: Dark Desire and Romance

and then there are the Magical eyeshadows

as well as 4 new sets of lip sticks… black, naturals, pastels and reds

Though these make ups where made for Monica, I find to work them quite well wit a number of other skins as well, even though that is more the case for lighter skins, than for darker skins. That is most often the case with “generic” make ups anyway. Unless they are really made for a dark skin, you are likely to have a few issues such as a subtle light line around your lips.

Also, and I’m really pleased with this, Miamai has released new freckles for both face and body of which Ms Berry took an aswesome pic on her blog .

Other need to knows: Hair Alison by Truth in Coffee, eyes Egyptian Blue Sunrise by Fashism





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