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Living in Pakistan, I have been witness to the plight of the affected people firsthand, Thanks to ALLAH, I have been safe but others have not been so fortunate, houses have literally been uprooted, swept away. The very soil off lands has washed away, leaving infertile acres, making the people homeless and jobless. Parents have been separated from Children, several, never to be found again. The disaster has hit the rich and the poor alike, the rich, perhaps having the means, may recover more easily than the poor but the majority needs help, food, clothes, rebuilding, is much more than any one man, community or nation can do, hence it requires that all of us make an effort, however much we can.

Truth Hawks has earned my utmost respect for his initiative to start up a project, several creators have put out their best items at the Project Donate Sim, the proceeds of which will go the UNICEF fund for relief. All the contributors have been supportive and may their effort be appreciated by all.

Project Donate starts off today, but I have been making the trips since a few days now, I actually wanted to camp there to catch my favorite creators when they come to put out their stuff! Unfortunately I could not materialize my plan much, but I did get a few snaps!


Above you can see some of the pictures I took with my favorite designers who I could catch at the Project Donate Sim! Reminding again, the Sim is open now, a lot of great items, the Sim has color coded sections so people don’t get lost, it is minimally laggy, I recommend everyone pay it a visit and contribute towards a worthy cause! The Project Donate Sim will run from 4th to 19th September.


2 thoughts on “Project Donate!”

  1. Your words will stay with me long after I turn off my computer tonight.
    Blessings to you and yours.

    Sophia Harlow

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