Blogging for one of SL’s major fashion blogs, I do see a lot of shops. I do check out a lot of new shops too, always looking for that one new designer that stands out in the crowd of wannabe SL fashion designers.

Yes, on my hunts I see quite some new designs, brands and concepts, although these days it seems hard to be truly original. Recently I befriended one of those new designers, Melodee McMillan, who has come up with an original new idea. She sells t-shirts, and there are a lot of people who start their content creating activities with that. But Melodee stands out with her concept. For a review on Melodee’s tees, check the Second Style Blog. The cool concept is the custom colour kit that Melodee offers.She made some of her shirts on 2 layers which you’ll wear together. the actual t-shirt on the shirt layer, and the slogan on the jacket layer. The shirt layer is modable so you can give it any colour you’d like. Now that is creativity in my opinion.

But I was not going to write about Mel’s tees. She has her shop in a new mall, and new malls usually attract new content creators, so while there to check out Melodee’s shop Bratney!, I also looked a little bit further to see if I could spot anything blog worthy, which, on this round I did not.

What I did notice though is the guts that some of the new content creators have in pricing their products. You’ll see poorly styled outfits that are priced at a stunning 300-450 L$! Now I tend to keep the established designers as a pricing reference, and when Ginny Talamasca at Last Call prices a gown at 275 L$, I really wonder how these new folks are going to establish long term relationships with their customers, charging the prices that they do. When you are new to SL and go on your first shopping spree, I can imagine you’ll fall for it, after all, you don’t have a clue about quality and price level in SL. But as soon as you discover the more skilled work of other designers that are priced lower… dunno but I’d feel cheated.

I found this great article by Myst Panther about pricing in SL which I think makes a lot of sense. Myst’s blog Caveat Emptor has a lot of very useful articles for people who are considering opening up a business in SL or have recently done so.

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