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I totally planned to make it an early evening, maybe read a little, or just doze off over a nice warm cup of tea and just before logging, I was dancing for a while at Burrow, while listening to Electric Monday‘s tunes. She kind of rocks. If you have never heard a set of her, I recommend 10/10!
Anyway, I was dancing and looking forward to an early night and then… BAM leLUTKA dropped a head bomb. Not one, not two, but THREE new heads for the ladies, AND a new one for the gents! I seriously never took my leave so fast before, dropped a couple of tips and TP’d the heck out of there to go retrieve the heads from blogotex, which I still hate with a passion and is a huge part of why I have decided to not apply for any brand collaborations and be mainly independent as a blogger (yes, except for a couple of creator friends who were kind enough to add me to their system and share their creations with me). And ever since I have been playing and styling and tweaking shapes and texting skins on these new head which are all awesome. Main feature that I find to die for… these heads all have actual noses… Noses that are more than just cute little buttons, noses with some character, noses that would peak my attention on a RL face!

I’m rambling, so without further ado (ok maybe a litte more ado, because I am super annoyed by people who eff up the expression and say ‘”without further adieu“. Ado, not adieu. Don’t use words you don’t know how to use. Ado: a state of agitation or fuss, especially about something unimportant. Adieu: farewell in French)… here are Zora, Irina, Sasha and Paxton. They will be released on January 15, and I am sure you will see them all over the blogs before that.

NB for these images, I have used the default skins made by the leLUTKA team that come with each head.

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