Pressie from my Lali

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Sylvia “Lali” Olivier sent me this gorgeous Naomi gown (with gloves) from Azul today for the holidays. While I am pretty proud to be ready for the weekend in RL, there is still a lot of shopping to be done in SL. And why not while wearing a pretty formal like this one. Lag? Pfffft…. I’m avoiding event sites *grins*.
At this point, I don’t know whether I still want Hart Larsson to release his Kate skin at PXL Creations. I kinda like that only a handful of people have this beauty in their inventories. Am I mean? Yes, I am totally in a mood today! I’m wearing Kate with Tuli‘s teeth tattoo and my hair is Leah from Elikatira. The Muriel jewelry is from Donna Flora.

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