Prepare for the cold

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I work in a pretty casual environment and I could totally pull this look off at work tomorrow. We have this climate control issue in our office building where it’s either COLD or HOT. Usually Monday’s are COLD and there is also some snow in the works so I wish I had this comfy cuddly Huggable Sweater from Ur Favorite One (u.f.o) at the Seasons Story and their equally huggable knit scarf (gacha item).

I am wearing them over Maitreya‘s Soft pants with Milk Motion‘s tennis sneakers (TMD). Now If I were to wear this for real tomorrow, I’d have to switch the sneakers for a wee bit more dressier shoe, or people will think I work with the neighbours who are one of the world’s leading sneaker manufacturers. Sometimes I am jealous when I see these boys and girls walk on the most comfy sneakers all day when I am wearing a more dressy pump. Pumps are not made to run to and from bus stops and up and down the stairs, people!!

Oh well, I am rambling! Did you notice the perfect fit of the hair with the high sweater collar? That is because Taketomi made a hair especially for this u.f.o. release. I’m usually not exactly a taketomi fan, but I couldn’t pass on this one.  The skin I am in is Glam Affair‘s Ellie Candy Girl which is a release for the Kawaii Project.

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