Positive anything is better than negative nothing

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I got a small idea today while I was on my 63rd zoom meeting in the new year and NOT feeling it. Every blog post that I will publish this year, will have a positive quote for a title. Because, like this one, I hope that it helps. Even if just a wee bit. Myself, and you.. because we’re no way back to “normal”, if what we call normal now ever was really and mental health is more important than ever.

So there we go. Here’s to positivity and its power!

Positive anything is better than negative nothing

Hair by DOUX, Kiara
Mesh head by leLUTKA, Fleur
Skin by Eudora Beauty, Dafne
Eyebrows by Eudora Beauty, Giulia
Eyeshadow by Top1Salon, Oily (3)
Lipstick by Morgenstern, Bridgerton
Earrings by Mowie, Yana
Cape by Boys to the Bone, Mantel cape
Top by Addams, Babe Cargo Tie Jacket
Jeans by Thalia Heckroth, Sharma

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