Posh Pride… OMG!!


Dunno if I’m totally running after everyone else now… but I have just found this blog that I instantaneously fell in love with. Hard. Posh Pride.

From their “About”page… :

Deserve Fashion or die… Because Fashion does not need you.

Don’t follow the trend : create it… Because being trendy takes so much time that when you reach the trend, it’s already oldfashioned.

And please, don’t think being “blonde with a huge breast” is all you need…
Everything is a matter of taste… and Posh Pride is a question of life and death in this ugly world.

We’re professional models, we’re not here to please you, but just to show you through some posts what mixing clothes means, and how you can always create a trend even with old things… and thanks to our advices and gossips, we sincerely hope you’ll find your own inner Posh… Proud to be fashionable, proud to be feared, proud to be posh.

Cayce Newell
& Vyktor Maertens
*Posh Pride*

Says it all really. It’s well written, great photography and some pretty nice outfits.

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