Pilot Grand Opening on August 25


Kaz Nayar has been dedicating his time recently to creating furniture that has a bit of a manly look and feel as a counter weight to all the girly shabby chic that we see so much of (and love). Coming Saturday, his shop Pilot will celebrate its Grand opening.

All furniture in above pic is from Pilot, from the Horatio patio set (texture changing pillows, out at the opening) and the Bridges Bar cart to the Bohn Crate shelf. Other items added are a linen rug from Y’s house, an old freebie Gibson Guitar which was hidden in the depths of my inventory (how it ever survived all the purges is still a mystery to me), a taxiderm Canary from Schadenfreude and a birds drawing from Zigana. Everything carefully watched by my Boris, a great dane from Zooby.

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