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I’m not ready to get off Mount Olympus yet people. Hell no,  I really like it up here, these Greek Deities are some serous badass characters!

Persephone, daughter of Demeter and Zeus got kidnapped by Hades (Zeus’ brother!) to be by his side in the underworld, reigning over the dead. Eventually, Zeus negotiated with Hades to have Persephone stay 6 months with her mother Demeter who, after the kidnapping of her daughter had put the world in a deep barren winter, and this is  (in a nutshell) how the Greek explained the existence and cycle of the seasons.

Oh well, enough of nutshell mythology, what I am wearing here is Tableau Vivant’s Persephone hair and the crown that comes with it and Belleza’s Grace skin, both available at the 3rd birthday celebration of Collabor88.
Tee*fy has contibuted to the birthday bash with this lovely Aphrodite dress and Mandala is back at C88 with these amazing Billionaire watches. They’re unisex, so share the love!!
My feet are covered in Zenith‘s Greek Leather heels.

Decorwise, I am really taken by this Atlantis fountain by Lark, which comes in several colors!

You can find everything at Collabor88… be patient, it may be a bit crowded for a bit, but by Zeus… it’s worth the wait!!

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