It’s been a while since I did a feature of MOOD jewelry in here, but that doesn’t mean that Jori Watler hasn’t been working her ass off on pretties for you! Actually, there is so much newness over at MOOD, that you will have a tough time picking your new additions to your inventories. NB… with the vendor system at MOOD, gifting is easy!! Yes, gentlemen, that one is for you 😛

Anyway, Parade is a new set of bold pearls, They’s big, they are beautiful and they come with a nifty texture change HUD. The full set will be released soon, but earlier a limited set was released for Project Themeory, which is currently still available at the shop for only 75 L$! Take a taxi to MOOD

Other need to knows: Hair Rhythm by Elikatira, skin Leah by Lara Hurley, dress Vixen by ICING, eyes Sunrise Aqua by Fashism


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