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Just a moment of vanity, dressing up of the sake of dressing up. We all have those moments, no?  I am wearing one Bliss Couture‘s latest gowns, Nayade, with a delicate lace bodice and a bold feathered skirt. There is a reason I don’t wear many gowns, and that is that they are all build on avs with maxed out legs, which looks just weird in my opinion, but for the sake of this gown, I painfully stretched myself so I could wear it. I am also known for stepping on a stool to shoot gowns. It helps, but it’s a bit awkward. My plea to designers? Please… Include skirts for avs with, idk, length 60 legs, which seriously, is way more common than 100!!
Ok, end of mini rant, I’m also wearing the best white gloves ever made on the grid, by CJ Carnot from 5th & Oxford (though these are still labeled Tête à Pied, that’s how old they are). Unfortunately they are no longer available, but I will continue to use them anyway. Yes, they are that good!.
The choker is what gave this post its name, It’s Ophelia from Lassitude & Ennui. Miss Ennui is such a skillful creator and puts so much love in everything she makes. This choker comes with a HUD so you can change the colors of the pearls, the flowers, the ribbon and the lace to your heart’s content. Ever since she released it, which was for last year’s Fantasy Faire, I have been wearing it a lot. It’s one of my goto romantic accessoires.
Oy, I’m talkative today, you’re not used to that anymore, huh? Well, If you made it to here, you are probably wanting to know where the skin is from. It’s Sakia one of the new skins at Al Vulo, and my eyes are the warm silver ones from Fashism. Oh and the gorgeous braid  hair is called Yuri3 from D!va which is annoying because it’s no mod (resize script, yes)  but so lovely that I am wearing it anyway.


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  1. The gloves are still available as part of a larger collection of men’s and women’s clothing and skins at a slightly hidden location: Nouveau 182, 85, 23.

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