Opera Season

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With the summer coming to an end and the days shortening, the theatre and opera season takes off again. I know that people usually don’t dress formally anymore to go to the opera, and I regret that. It’s a lovely occasion to put on a gorgeous gown and enjoy an evening of music and drama, although I have personally never been a huge fan of the singing part of the opera.

Anyways, I think it’s a way to pay some respect to the artists to dress properly. Indyra Seigo‘s Minuet dress is perfect for the occasion and with a gorgeous lace gown like that, you don’t need much more. However, in memoriam of Squinternet Larnia, the creator from Donna Flora who passed away yesterday after a long sick bed, I decided to wear her beautiful Vivian set. The Mink Princess stole is from Ryvolter, and under it all, I’m wearing Gos Boutique‘s Paris shoes.
My hair is Where you belong, from Exile and I’m still wearing Sigrid, from Glance.

You can read more about Squinternet on the Love Donna Flora blog, and leave your condolences there.


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