Opening: Rue d'Antibes…. Party and Freebies


Today, after having postponed once before, Rue d’Antibes, the charming commercal Otherland sim, built by the über talented (and ever crunchy) Barnesworth Anubis, wil be officially opened. Most merchants will participate in the opening with a sale, or some freebies, and random goodies will be dropped on the visitors during the party that is going to have two time slots – one from 11am – 1 pm SLT and another one from 4pm-6pm SLT. The sim manager plans on being there during the gap to do random giveaways to customers in the sim. I have donated some L$ 500 gift cards for that purpose.
Yours truly retired the freebie Parfait shape, as I told I would, but for this weekend only I have put out a box with a Rue d’Antibes Opening mini pose set for only L$ 1. It is just outside the shop. And it will be there only for this weekend. Later next week, it will merge with some other poses in a full set and they will be available separately for L$ 65 and in a set of 10 for L$ 500

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  1. i think we had a great turnout and i appreciate everything you did for the grand opening. it was so much fun, i want to do another one…haha, no – maybe not for a while…so much work!

    “the manager”

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