Once Upon a Time….

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In a land far, far away, there was a lovely princess wearing Lara Hurley‘s Snow White skin and Chantkare‘s Oscar dress with this awesome apple head dress! Because smart princesses better come prepared…. When the evil queen comes knocking on the door of the 7 dwarfs’ house, the princess will throw hers at the evil queen and chase her away. Girls just simply can’t trust on princes coming along to kiss them back to life these days.

In an other country, equally far away there was Malificent, wearing Sakide‘s Malificent outfit and Belleza‘s Evil Queen skin. But she’s a bit melancholic as you can see, because  everyone thinks she’s a bitch but honestly, she was made into that by evil Charles Perrault who wrote The Sleeping Beauty. Misunderstood villain… poor thing….

Little Red Riding hood got fed up with red and her sugary sweet imago and decided to do it all different today. Teal is the new red, she thought, and with a click on her nose she changed Exile‘s Lady in Red hair into Lady in teal. With her new sassy look, she threw her   girly ruffled blouse away and decided to face the wolf the way the amazons used to face their enemies. Bare chested! Yes, Little red riding hood did pay attention to Greek mythology in school. But because she’s not a nudist, she did pick one of Aura‘s awesome Grimm corsets. Eat that, big bad wolf!!

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  1. It’s not often that I see SL photos that stop me dead in my tracks, but these are just stunning. Absolutely gorgeous!

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