Olé … or Graz, check the price tag before buying!

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Sometimes…. sometimes I wish I was less of an impulse buyer!
Like yesterday… and the day before… and the day before tha.. oh well. Yesterday I went to a preview of Tres Chic, which is now open to the public and when I saw this Toreador jacket from Zafair I went all “must have!”and clicked to buy it right away. It’s awesome, yes… but is it L$ 989 awesome? Because that is what I saw when I clicked buy. But by then I obviously HAD clicked already and the transaction was made.

Silly me, I figured “Oh well, not a bad deal at all for a fat pack” right? I mean 989 for a jacket… that MUST be a fatpack?? No Graz. It’s not. You just bought a friggin’ toreador jacket in standard sizes for a whopping 989 L$!

Granted, after having spent that much, I didn’t give a shit about spending another 359 L$ for the matching pants (which at that point sounded almost like normal prized!) and lets be honest, I do look pretty awesome in it even though the arse is rigged pretty crappy, but I drew a line at tossing in another L$429 for a matching silly cap.

Lessons learned: 1) mandatory 10 seconds pause between clicking and buying. 2) never ever buy from Zafair again, because I feel screwed.

Other things I wear that are actually REALLY cool (and won’t cost you your trust fund)

Head: Karin by LeLutka
Facial Applier: Scarlett by New Faces
Eyes: Charm by Ikon
Lipstick: Vera by Pink Fuel
Roses: Svetlana by Azoury
Body Lara by Maitreya



2 thoughts on “Olé … or Graz, check the price tag before buying!”

    1. Oh yes, they were, or are if they are still around, ridiculous in their pricing. And the supah moduhls of SL were going batshit crazy over their stuff 😀

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