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Willowzee just published a themed blog post for a plurky blogger challenge issued by Alysha Rennahan (are you still with me?) this week’s theme is Oldies but Goodies… so that’s a perfect reason to rummage through the depths of my ever chaotic inventory (as if  I needed one) and come up with some memory lane goodies, for which I still have a soft spot.

I’m wearing ETD’s Sea nymph hair in sea drift. It was a LE that Elika did in collab with Ginny Talamasca for the Sea Nymph outift. I’m still lucky to have it. I believe the entire batch of gowns was gone within a couple of hours after they were released. Elika was more merciful, and kept this style up in the shop for a month or so,  so that everyone could get it.

My skin is an old one from Lovey, Cantaloupe in caramel. Rumors are that  Lovey was an alt from Gala Phoenix, which does make sense if you study the 2 skins in edit mode, since they are the only one cutting out the face textures like that on a transparent back ground.  I must admit that I like the pouty lips on Lovey skin better than the current pouts on most of Gala’s skins though, as I still believe they are exaggerated on the average mouth shape of SL females *coughs* baboon butts *coughs* .

Miriel oh Miriel… why did you leave us… at least I still keep some of your marvelous jewelry, as well as your fabulous eyes in my inventory. I’m wearing the pewter ones. Despite  several awesome eyes on the market nowadays, I still am smitten with the clarity and the softness of these eyes.

My clothing is from Luminosity. A brand by Sol Columbia. She, along with Nyte Caligari were about the first content creators I ever bought from. And back then, Sol had a shop in Nyte’s build on the sim that she and Elika shared. Later Sol and Lur (sol’s sl partner and fab scripter) moved to an adjacent sim of their own and had the most gorgeous wood cabin I have ever seen for a shop. Unfortunately Sol left SL after a series of wrist issues and SL acting up on asset server issues (I believe that was somewhere in the late spring of 2008) but to date I have never been able to delete 2 of her outfits, Route 66 from which I’m wearing the top and Sela,  from which I picked the skirt.

My shoes are the revamped t-straps from Shiny Things, which actually may still be in Fally’s shop. I’m so happy to see that Fallingwater, after a hiatus of more than a year, has created some new things in the past few months and hasn’t left completely. Also Polyester Partridge, from Yummy, whose Momento Locket I’m wearing, is still pretty much around over at Tableau. Her latest newness was released on Tableaus summer market event, around 2 months ago.

Soooooooo… that’s my oldies but goodies contribution…

3 thoughts on “Oldies But Goodies”

  1. Reading this post brought back all kinds of memories. I loved Luminosity and still have the Route 66 outfit, too. I loved that cabin and remember when it first opened.

    Shiny Things was the place for shoes, then, too. Thanks for the memories, Grazie!

  2. the only eyes i wear is Miriels, i miss her shop alot.
    Seanymph is still two of my fave styles, frames the face so nicely

  3. So glad I (belatedly) came across this post – the skin caught my eye instantly.
    I occasionally drag my old Lovey skins out of retirement for a day – and now that you mention it the mouth is incredibly similar to the Gala/Curio mouth. The Lovey mouth is more matte, which might account for it appearing less, ummm pouty 🙂

    And I think everyone who visited Miriel’s store misses her. I wear her ‘glamour’ lashes exclusively, and although I stocked up I wish I’d bought more eyes while I still had the chance.

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