Of Winter Come and Snow … and Goldenrod


Okay.. so Hui took some pics of us fooling around in the snow… this one was taken after he completely beat me at a snowball fight and kinda molested Mr Snowman, too… so yeah, I was not exactly happy at that time… and he KNOWS it! Look at that apologetic, schmuck face! *grins*

I got my revenge later though when I completely crashed him with a sledge race. I have a screen shot to prove it here. What can I say… the revenge of Grazilla tastes sweet like marshmellows in hot chocolate!

This is the point I should probably be posting some credits… but Hui is not around, and I don’t more about what’s he’s wearing than a sweater from Aoharu. As for me, with that frown, I’m not even sure what skin I’m in there… but hey… the scarf hair is from Maitreya and see…. I’m wearing Boom’s GOLDENROD thermal so… yes, this is also my 52 weeks of color post!!

Parson Brown the snowman is from What Next, and it has 2×3 poses included.

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