Ever since, back in  October 2008, I decided to go back to blogging more regularly, I have updated it pretty much daily for months. Now I have signed up for the BBBC 2009, and all of a sudden, I really don’t know what to write about.  I can’t even bring myself to take some photos of the stuff I’ve been wearing, and RL obligations seem more time consuming this week than normally. O Hai…

But… a challenge wouldn’t be a challenge if  there would not be any bumps in the road, so for today I’m sticking to Alicia’s suggestion for a topic:  You’ve been given a sim of your very own to use for free for one year. However, there are 3 rules. It cannot be residential, it cannot be commercial, and it has to be open to the public. What do you do with it?

Now that’s an interesting idea. My first thought was… “I have no clue what I would do with it”  but after a bit of soul searching, I think I’d like to invite prim artists  to make some installations, to make it a place of wonder.  Plus… I’d love to have that sim and do a lot of landscaping… just because I can.

That’s all for today…  I hope to be able to dedicate some more time tomorrow. <3

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