Octopussies, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Gotta love your sister… whether she be SL or RL… now that I think of it, my RL sister has a habit of buying me fun gifts too… and I don’t mean the newest showergel at Lush, although I admit, my RL sister does spoil me rotten with those goodies… anyway I’m rambling. It’s Saturday, I’m sleep deprived, and the only person I consider to be my sibling in SL, the lovely Samara Barzane, dropped me these octopus slippers with the words: “Everyone needs a pair of these”.

And you do. These are so silly that I snorted my tea over the the table, I could only barely avoid my computer. If that wasn’t enough, Sam challenged me to blog them… so this one is for you, Sam! <3

(anyway, in case you’re still interested…the kitchen is from Blonde. The octopus slippers are from E! Eclectic Accesoires, the apron that I retrieved from the depths of my inventory is from 3star design, and the lime sheer ribbed cami is from Popfuzz. I’m wearing Canimal’s Suicide Girls body graffiti and Curio’s April Rainbow 2 in petal. My hair is Trixie, in toffee, from Artilleri, and the smoke is from FNKY!)

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  1. Sam is a great gal 🙂 I’m going to run out and buy me a pair of these; just because they are just the fun looking. Hey, I may even wear them when I work. Sam, I challenge you to buy a pair and also wear them to work *gigglesnorts*

  2. Well theres a first time for everything ! octopussy slippers……
    *checks out the creator*

    Its certainly a different approach to the pin up style……

    Thanks for the buy on the kitchen <3 I’ll drop by some groceries later !

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