November 6

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Am I exaggerating when I say that this week has turned out one of the most stressful ones of this year? Not only have our local COVID measures been made even stricter in an attempt to curb the virus once again but OMG, the election! I haven’t caught much sleep over the past few days because every time I woke up wanting to check the news outlets again and then getting sucked in all over again in the updates, and right now it’s actually downright nerve-wracking with each and every single vote-counting in determining who will be the next president of the USA.

Thank the Goddess for the angels at LeLutka who have released a 2.5 update for their Evolution headline. At least I can soothe my stress by playing with pretty heads, and making cute shapes, and just blatantly fawn over my own prettiness.
What does the update entail? Well, in short: all Evo heads are now Unbound, giving you full control over the face skeleton bones. Several features have been added such as a tear line, HD brow, and a 2nd HD eyeshadow; the HUD has been redesigned and is even more efficient, user-friendly and seems to work even more smoothly, piercings have gotten their own HUD, extra teeth options have been added; the animations have been optimized for the unbound Evo heads and new animations and expressions have been added and much much more! BUT: if you are struggling with the new rig… you can always resort to wearing the head that is labeled (dated) which has the old -not unbound- rig.
The above gallery shows all the female Evo heads on exactly the same shape and with the same skin.

But there is more, I picked up this cute outfit earlier today at Level, I think. There are so many events with similar set up these days that I really don’t remember what is what, and especially not when my brain is still a bit fogged with pain medication. But BOOSH has this lovely shirt/trousers combination out in a huge amount of colours and patterns for you to pick and combine from and I was feeling this flower pattern on a light grey pair of trousers for today.

Also, my make up. Yes I am rambling again instead of just posting credits! My eyebrows are HD and crazy detailed! They are from Eudora Beauty and called Guna. Since we now have 2 HD eyeshadows, I have combined here the Spotlight liners from Goreglam with Poema‘s Merope glitter eyeshadow. So cute!!
The luscious Natural lipstick is by Top1Salon, and has just a perfect fit on my Lake head. For skin I am wearing my new go-to Catherine by Nar Mattaru. My hair is Addison by Exile, and my peepers are the Forest eyes from Heaux.

Stay sane and safe everyone! And as usual, be kind to one another! <3

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