Nothing like a shift dress

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It’s no secret that my preferred style of clothing is pretty classic so when I spotted this shift dress at Overhigh yesterday, it was calling out my name. The textures at Overhigh are just awesome and it makes it one of those shops I’ll continue to go back to over time, templates or not.

I am waring the dress, which up close as an amazing leather look, like if made of the softest kid aniline leather, with Zaara‘s Banjara jewelry which is currently available at Collabor88 as well as Ingenue‘s Grady pumps which were from October’s collabor88.

Staying with C88, I am wearing D!va‘s Rosa hair. This month has some beautiful items, although I must say that this month’s theme, Modern Alchemist, is not very appealing to me.

I’m wearing Izzie‘s Patty skin, and with a reason, because aside from Izzie Button making pretty awesome skins, she’s as far as I know also the first one who has appliers out for Belleza‘s Venus body which I am wearing here. Works like a charm! Kudo’s Ms. Button!!

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