Noemi: a brain child from Squinty and Momo

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I love it when two creators get together and collaborate on a joint project. I especially love it when those creators are Monica Outlander from Miamai and Squinternet Larnia from Donna Flora, who is currently too ill to create in SL. Monica and Squinty got together on skype and from their brainstorm Noemi was born. A dress following the elegant and often vintage lining from Donna Flora and the whimsical and skillful execution of Miamai‘s Monica.

Noemi is materials enabled, and I wish I could make machinima, because girls… this dress SPARKLES!  It comes in a couple of gorgeous colors, which remind me both of Donna Flora‘s and Miamai‘s color palette.
Noemi is out NOW at Donna Flora‘s main store, and while made by Monica and Squinty in a joint effort, all proceeds are going to Squinternet, to help her cope with getting by now that she is ill, and hopefully there will be a treatment that can still be useful for her, or at least make Squinty’s life a little easier.

Other than Noemi, I’m also wearing Glam Affair‘s Cleo skin in Jamaica, LeLutka‘s Dulcina (Hair fair 2013), Donna Flora‘s Blue Diamond necklace and Gos Boutique‘s new Lauren d’Orsay shoes.

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