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See this picture? It’s not post edited. That is, I took it at 5000×2584 in Niran’s viewer and then only cropped and resized. Crisp shadows, NO GRIDLINES!
Needless to say I am a bit in love right now with Niran’s Viewer. But before you run to download it, I think a warning is in order. It’s not likely it will run on just any computer. Older ones who are struggling with the official viewer or Firestorm as is, may have even bigger issues with this one, since it’s a bit high end.
Also, the look and feel is quite different. I took a couple of screen shots to share with you.

nirams logon

nirams 2

As you can see the log in screen is quite different, and although the UI mainly follows the set up of LL’s V3, once you open the NV tab where all controls are put, you immediately notice the huge difference.
nirams 3

To adjust your graphic settings is very different, too. It may take you a bit before you’re completely comfortable with it, but don’t give up at the first try, because so far, I find it totally worth the hassle.

nirams 4

Similar to the phototools in Firestorm, Niran’s has an Machinima tools overlay menu, but you will find it useful for photography as well since you can fiddle with depth of field and other interesting features such as shadow smoothing and blurring there as well as adjusting glow levels and such. For quick access to your WL settings, there are buttons in the upper menu bar and you can customize what is visible on there, just like with all the buttons in this viewer.

For more technical info on Niran’s and the downloads, visit the blog

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  1. Great post! I hadn’t heard of Niran’s, looks worth a try. I’d love to know some details on your outfit, too… 😉

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