New @ Truth, July 28 2010


A day early, Truth has released 3 new hairs, all super feminine and sensual. Face it, it’s just what Truth does best. Long, wavy locks, sassy and sexy. And I happen to like that a lot. In RL I keep my hair fairly short these days, simply because I lack time, patience and skills to style it every day, but in SL, I’m such a sucker for long hair!

From left to right, Vera (with and w/o streak options) Marissa (no streaks) and Keely (with and w/o double streak options), My favorite this week? That’d have to be Marissa, because i love Truth’s curly textures!

Other need to knows: I’m wearing Atomic’s Faith Spicey 2 in Mocha, Dutch Touch’s antique rose tank and a not yet released face tattoo from HUZ Tats, Duality, that I love so very much and won’t come off my face today.

3 thoughts on “New @ Truth, July 28 2010”

  1. Woww I lovee how that skin looks in your shape ! You should sell it ! I totally love it !

  2. hahaha… that shape is mine… not even thinking of selling that 😛 maybe if i get ever bored with it… but that hasn’t happened yet 🙂

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