New @Truth: November 5, 2009



New @Truth 091105, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I agree… when Truth said he released this batch of hair, I thought… wha… today??? Well… yeah… he’s been working on them over the last week.. and lag probably couldn’t be worse on the sim already due to the clearance sale… so.. oh well, why not add some new to the old and keep everyone happily immobile. Clockwise starting upper left are Trina, Lizzie (yeah, after Ms Nerdific herself!), Lucinda (my fave of the week) and Penelope. Anyway.. I’m not making sense.. I’m tired after a really bad night and an even worse day at work… so I’m going to make me a drink and relax some.

Other assets: Skins Sienna by Ryker Beck @ Exodi and t-shirt by Cocoro Lemon @ Coco Designs

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