New stuff @ Truth and Coming Soon@ Dutch Touch


I’ve been a bad blogger this week, with lots of things on the shelves, and little output… but hey… what can I say, RL has been busy this week and pretty much kept me hostage. When I logged in yesterday, I found Truth had dropped his latest creations on me and I think it’s a lovely batch again.

From left to right there is Maxine, soft and feminine, Mackenzie, voluminous and drop dead sexy, Cameron, speaking of sexy, and gorgeous to show off  jewelry, leaving the ears and the neck free and last but not least there is Brooke, which is a very casual and a bit messy look.

(wearing: Rockberry Farrah skin, Nylon Outfitters cardi & Coco v-neck t-shirt)

and then I had the pleasure of receiving some of  Dutch Touch creator Iki Ikarus latest skin samples. She’s working on the lovely Jolie skin and these are some samples of what the make ups may look like. Iki and I were raving over the emerald eye liner and some of the bold colours for the eyes, but also I’m in love with the fire engine red lips, and I’m confident it will make the final skins.

(wearing: Truth hair, jewelry, from left to right Lucas Lameth, Nait Smith & Donna Flora, tops by Dutch Touch-unreleased)

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