New Religion: Church of Luxe


Lo Jacobs used to have a shop called Luxe Brand, which closed down before I came to SL. I heard about Lo from various people who had been in world way longer than I am, but I never had some of her work in my inventory until earlier this year, when she sort of revived her old shop, Now she’s back with a new brand: Church of Luxe. Het new designs have more detail and more depth to the textures (and prim skirts and such, something that apparently Ms Jabobs previously avoided messing with, according to an interview that she did with Forseti Svarog, early 2006).

Anyway, out with the old, in with the new, I went over to Lo’s shop in Indigo and indulged myself with some of her new items.

Church of Luxe

From left to right: Cowboy (red), Genuine (blue), Jenna (Gold), Fairy (peach), Leopard (raspberry) & Sunday (strawberry). The designs are fresh, the textures crisp, the prims fit well. I like Lo being back in action.

Other details: Hair by Novocaine (Tayanna), skin by The Obscene (NR HRAG) and the shoes in this post are from Maitreya, Truth, Shiny Things and Stiletto Moody

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