New Releases @ ICING


I was pretty much on my way to bed already when I saw a post from Miko on the feed that, after well.. i think a year or so, she made a couple of new things to get back in the saddle at ICING. Now, Ms Omegamu to me is one of the few creators who have totally understood what a good system skirt is, so when I saw Oh La La… I was already on my way back in to SL to go get it. MUST.HAVE!

But also the lovely Pink Lemonade dress is an item worth being in your inventory. Soft, feminine, and with really beautiful textures, this is a perfect little number for a garden party, or just for sipping mint juleps on the porch with your friends. Welcome back, Miko! Here’s to many more!

Taxi to ICING

Skin Yri by Dutch Touch, Shoes by GOS and by Adam ‘n Eve. Hair by Analog Dog

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