New Mesh Ears @ Illusions


Siyu Suen from Illusions has recently released a series of gorgeous new mesh ears, and I am wearing the Sylph ones today. They are beautifully modeled and textured so you can quite easily tint them to your skin. HUDs will always remain a pain in the proverbial butt to some, but with the right settings (atmospheric shaders enabled) and a skin that is not too shiny, you should be able to get a fairly good result. You can also type in the RGB value of your skin in local chat, after clicking a button. The only “issue” I found is in the part where the ears and the skin touch. Siyu made the that part slightly transparent, so it will blend more naturally with your skin, but the downside is, there may be some alpha issues. Not really disturbing when you are just wearing your ears, but when you plan on a close up with a pixie cut hair…. yeah.. think again, or touch up your pic slightly.

Taxi to Illusions

Other need to knows: hair by Wasabi Pills, Skin by Glam Affair, eyes by Ikon.

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