New hair, new textures, new HUDs, new shop: Tableau Vivant

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image by Aida Ewing
image by Aida Ewing

Tableau Vivant has a fully overhauled shop and also updated their textures and HUDs for coloring their beautiful hair!! When Mary asked around what customers would like to see in the new HUDs and textures, I knew that highlights were it for me. And guess what.. highlights and balayages made it into the new collection!!! I am so happy!

I’m first going to show you all the new HUDs, well… except for one, there is a basic collection HUD, which contains serveral of the textures that are already in the other HUDs.. plus it fitted better in my photo format, k?

I am showing the HUDs with the Victoria hair, I love sassy short hairs for women, but there are 6 new hairs out, 4 for the ladies, and 2 for the lads! From left to right: Victoria, Sophia, Amberly and Aida. Victoria and Amberly have male versions available: Victor and Abel.

o celebrate the re-opening of Tableau Vivant, Glam Affair’s Amberly Boccaccio has released a series of beautiful new headdresses, so make sure you stop over in the accessoires department as well!!

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