Some of you may know, that I have been doing custom shapes for over a year now, and since September I’ve been making poses on demand. I have never advertised this, nor had I ever the idea to market my stuff… but lately some friends just kept telling me that I should release retail stuff and finally I have yielded to peer pressure and now I’m proud to announce my own little shop “GRAPEVINE” in the marvellous sim of Rue d’Antibes. For now only a couple of shapes, more is in the making and I’m finishing some cute poses that should be out in the week to come. No big series, no massive releases, just some cute things that I love making.

Being the skin afficionada that I am, I aim for shapes that work with a lot of skins and test them extensively. I’m not a fast shaper, I can sit on a shape litterally for weeks, tweaking and fiddling and putting them away again, only to try to make them cuter and working better with a lot of different skins the next day.
Out now are 3 shapes that I made especially for Crys, Linda and Cloe skins by PXL creations. Since I really made them for these skins, I have not been testing them on all my other skins, but they seem to work quite well with other skins as well.

Also in the shop is a freebie for all of you who would like to get aquainted with my shapes. It is a shape that I have created originally for Fleur (former Tête à Pied) Boutique skins and offered to the readers of Second Style blog when I reviewed those skins, but after that, I have been playing around a bit and found out that this shape really works perfectly with a whole lot of skins.

Parfait is plump and curvy. Yes she has some bodyfat, and some junk in the trunk. She’s also not model height although according to RL standards she’s still pretty tall. Unlike the other shapes in the shop she is NOT modifiable. Now I do believe that people should be able to adjust their shape to their own ideas and taste, hence the other copy/mod shapes, but Parfait is my baby… my show case, and I like her like this. In the shop I have placed a slideshow under the vendor with some of the photos of the different skins that I tried Parfait on, and here below are some as well.

From left to right: Launa Fauna’s Chai; Celestial Studios’Vogue;Pixeldeep’s Lustre;PXL creations’ Crys;Nylon Outfitter’s Poppy black; Adam ‘n Eve’s Grazia; Naughty Design’s Zoe and Fleur Vivant Paon.
You’ll find Grapevine at Rue d’Antibes:

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