New @ GRAPEVINE: Bond Street


Greetings everyone. When a couple of weeks ago I was talking to Neferia Abel of Ivalde, one of my fave vintage designers, she brought up her wish for Twiggy inspired poses for some 60’s and 70’s clothes that had been in her mind. Now Twiggy being kinda, err.. twiggy and her signature poses being quite extreme, that posed an extra challenge. I told you before that what looks really good and edgy on a RL model, can be awful in SL and make an avatar look horribly tortured. But in the end, I have managed to make some translations (there must be another word for that, but I just don’t know it) of some of her poses and put them together in a set called Bond Street.
As usual the single poses are available at Grapevine in Rue d’Antibes for L$ 65, and the set of 10 poses for L$ 500.

I made a composition to show them to you…. but I realised too late one pose is missing… There’s really 10 in the set.
Dress: Falling for Piet Mondriaan @ Marly’s
Boots: Blair @ Dela
Hair: 1984 in steel @ The Abyss
Skin: Crys, fair lips dark eyes @ PXL Creations

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