New @ Exile July 1, 2010


New @ Exile July 1, 2010, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Look at these luscious, ultra feminine, sexy new hairs from Exile!!! I can’t pick my favorite this week. I am so happy though that Kavar made a Deanna 2 (right) which is a loose style, as opposed to last week’s Deanna updo. I’m also very pleased with Alessa (left) a semi updo, the top layer of the hair casually tied together on the back of the head and April (middle) is just really very sexy. I wish I were better in describing hair, but apparently it’s a part of my English that is lacking. However…yes, it;s going to be a great hairday again.

<3, Grazia

PS skin Candy by PXL Creations (out soon) t- shirt Sandpiper by 5th & Oxford for Operation Squeegee

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