I might actually go blonde for a bit for Natasha, Lelutka’s new face. I’m not ultra impressed with Natasha’s body which I think is flat and even a bit smudgy compared to the previous lines like Lola, but the face just wows me. I’ve personalised this skin with the freckles tattoo layer from YS & YS’Sienna skin and fluffy lashes  and dimples from L. Fauna.

Also, I’m  wearing Boon’s blonde gathered hairbase with their AEN105 blonde hair. BTW, this is how hairpieces are done, ladies and gentlemen. No messing with hairbases on a skin and then using a piece that only faintly matches the colour, like I see all too often. Boon makes both excellent bases and matching hairpieces! and I wish more hairmakers would make both bases and hairpieces. Please, Troof, hear my plea!

The captivating light bue eyes are from PXL creations, and eyes from this collection are pretty much default on me these days.  Last but not least, I’m wearing what I think was a special edition of Artilleri’s Elspeth Cardigan and Mr. Poet’s amazing freebie scarf.  The simple white boatneck shirt underneath is Cole in alabaster from Whippet & Buck.

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