My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty

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Or cat hair, or bunny hair… or whatever your favourite pet child sheds when you cuddle with it! And the truth is, I haven’t had a pet of my own in a long time now. Especially now, during the loneliest winter in like forever, I may miss our fur babies occasionally even more than my SO (who is safe and healthy, just not here with me, but we talk every day). The purring of our cats though, the adorable puppy eyes of our oversized great dane, looking up from his massive head resting in my lap (if I’d let him, he would crawl on my lap and this was when I was 10 hahahaha) *sigh* cuddle your pet for me, will ya!
Today is the first day that a curfew is in place in my country. Between 9 pm and 4:30 am, unless you have a really good reason, you are supposed to remain inside. One of the valid reason is having to walk your dog and I am disgusted by all the smartass idiots who brag all over the internet that they’ll “just go get a dog” and go wherever they want after 9pm. You do not simply get a dog. It’s not a smartphone. You should feed them, care for them and train them, as explained at Ridgeside K9 Summerville Dog Training. I foresee full shelters when the fun is over. When doggo also needs to be walked in the pouring rain, when your curfew excuse pet is ill and you have to spend money on them beyond some food, and abandoned dogs when you are going back to the office when the pandemic is over because… damn a dog is a burden. JUST.DON’T.BE.THAT.ASSHOLE

My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty

Hair by Tram, J1227
Mesh head by leLUTKA, Irina
Skin by Boataom, Roxana
Eyebrows by Nar Mattaru, Florence
Lashes by Jack Spoon, Whispy
Eyeshadow by Poema, Charmant
Blush by Jack Spoon, splattered blush 3
Lipstick by Poema, Virginia
Glasses by Deep Static, Luna
Scarf by Dami, In the depth of winter gacha (RARE)
Coat by Dami, In the depth of winter gacha A3
Top by COCO Designs, Sleeveless Crop Sweater
Belt by United Colors, Sabrina
Jeans by Tres Blah, Rilo
Shoes by Reign, Prida Patent Plats
Beagle by Jian
Rubber plant by Kraftwork, Clarington set

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