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Some of you may remember the photo I posted several months ago when Minnu Palen released her “Zero” skin. I called it evolution, but honestly I was not that pleased with the evolution of the skin with the release of Zero. My opinion about MMS skins totally changed though with the introduction of the latest series that have city names. Rome is among my favourites, Helsinki is a somewhat acquired taste for me, but oh my, do I like the eye make ups! Moscow is a stunner with the rather strong cheekbone shading, and now there is London.

So instead of just posting a review, I think it’s nice to post an evolution photo again, about the bodies this time, so that you can see how much more details are in the current skins and what they have looked like through time. 1 of course being the very first skin at MMS, and 6 is the current body. I think the bodies have really evolved over time, and they look much more realistic now.

Is that realism someting I crave in SL? No, usually I prefer a smoothness to my SL skins that is unrealistic in RL. and I must admit that in some parts, like the hands for instance, the realism is a bit too much for me. That is personal of course, but I do think that you can get ain indication of how good a skinner is from watching closely the hands and the feet. I also think that if you are considered to be the biggest brand in SL and take pride in that, you beter make damn sure there isn’t a single flaw in your skin and smooth out even the tiniest of seams. But other than that… London is a delicious skin. I know I’m odd, but I’ve fallen hard for a body detail like the ankle, the Achilles tendon is amazing, suberb shading really. Other yays in this skin are the elbows, the tush and the breasts, they all look lovely.

And then ofcourse there is the plethora of make ups that are available for these skins. I sometimes really hate the fact that Minnu does make ups per skin tone, and that sometime I don’t see the make up that I fancy on the skin tone of my choice, but there remains plenty to choose from. Some people have said that they think London is so like Moscow, and at first sight, I was about to agree with that, but Moscow has stronger shadings on the cheeks and the mouth is poutier than London, and that makes London more mature looking than Moscow, and at the same time softer as well. I’m ending this post by simply posting some of my favourite make ups in the light skintone, which is the tone that I have used for this post. If you click that photo you’ll end up on my flickr stream for the rest of the make up photos in the other skin tones.
The hair I have used is Magdalene, a previous group gift from MMS, and the lovely Lingerie is Jaime, the latest release at Insolence.

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