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Let me start off by saying that I admire everyone who has the energy and motivation to put together an event in SL. It’s seriously a lot of work and not always the most grateful job.
Now that being said, I am disappointed with the over all quality of what I saw at Mix ‘n Mesh. The build is great. Very futuristic, but to be honest, I am not visiting an event for  the build, I want killer content. I want WOW and I didn’t get it at Mix ‘n Mesh.

Mesh that isn’t properly constructed and breaks with a minimal movement of the av like in the first pic (creation by Torn Difference)… I can’t like it. Now I have no knowledge of how mesh works, but I believe it is a weighing issue and can be solved with enough skill and dedication of the creator.

Also, If the mesh part is only the bodice of a gown, like in pic 2 and 3 (by Amarelo Manga and Violator) then why bother to do mesh at all? Just stick to a clothing layer bodice and save yourselves a lot of trouble. Oh wait, they both don’t do standard sizing anyway, so that’s does save time, but it’s not adding anything. The prices of these items do give you the impression it’s something special though. Yeah, no, sorry.

Luckily there is also mesh done right at the event *pfew*  Molichino has surprised me with some cute items (pic 4) and Miss Faint Paulse from Ladies Who Lunch is living up to expectations with a couple of pretty awesome and very wearable combinations.

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  1. First I’d like to thank you for your post, any press for the event is good press. But I would like to add just a few comments.

    Mesh is a very difficult platform that is still in it’s very early stages of evolution. As the SL fashion community have pushed through many technologies in the past, I have no worry that this will be another one that the designer conquer and succeed in. However it’s the early stages. The programs for mesh creation are extremely difficult and take time to perfect, does that mean a designer shouldn’t grow along side the community in these stages…no. Torn is a tremendous example of a new designer coming to our community with the passion to learn our platform and help it grow and succeed through her dedication and admiration of 3D designs. I also know she has re-worked some of her outfits after receiving positive feedback and been sending out to those on her transaction list. For a community that has been battling back against this economy we need to support these designers with positive feedback and help them grow as they help us grow.

    The biggest blessing mesh has brought the fashion community is new creativity and interest. I’d hope we can try to be more positive, put forth constructive criticism and work together to see this succeed.

    Mesh is a learning curve for everyone…not just the designers. With rigged mesh being non-modify it also has been a learning experience for our models, to evolve their skills in fitting etc and as an old soul in SL it’s nice to have the added personal challenge.

    In respects to the build, it was our goal at AVENUE to explore more then just fashion with this incredible build sponsored by Nardcotix..which creates a magical setting for these events, and I thank you for your kind response.

    In closing I’d just like to add that again I thank you for your post, hope you have time to explore more of the outfits provided by the designers to the bloggers in our group and truly hope you’re able to find something else you like in the abundance of outfits.

    Best wishes,
    Jesika Contempomi

  2. I checked out Mix n Mesh. I had no problem with the layout; however, once I saw there were no demos except shoes or Hucci. I decided I wasn’t going to spend money on anything but, possibly Hucci.

    I realize that mesh means modifying my shape but at least having a demo would give me an idea of how much I would need to modify it. I found one dress I really liked, but I wasn’t going to take the chance of spending 650L without knowing how much of a modification I’d need to make in order to get it to fit right.

  3. I wont be doing mesh anytime soon as none of the viewers work worth a dam on my system. Mesh is just one more nail in SLs coffin. a LOT of people I know wont do it for the same reason as me. Sure some of you have high end units but most of us dont. Why trade 40fps for a new meshy with say 15.
    its not going to happen unless you want to come ot my house and explain why a 6 mo old computer is worthless to my hubby.
    just say no.

  4. @Beatrix, you have a very valid point there, especially since a lot of items at the event are priced pretty steep.

    @Jennibubble: I don’t know why for some people mesh is such an issue. I work on a 2 year old, mid range, 500 euros laptop, and I can run mesh just fine and I have no idea why some friends of me on better computers have issues with it.
    I don’t think mesh is “another nail in SL’s coffin”. It takes time to be adopted by the masses, just like happened with sculpties or windlight or with any progress in content creation (considering the amount of avatars stuck in ’07 that I still meet)

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