Missing Dreamer

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I am falling in love all over again with Très Blah skins. They are so pretty and dreamy and they photograph very well. Yes, there are skins that do, and others that don’t. I always have massive issues making Redgrave work well on pics, for example, to just name a known to all brand, but it’s a problem I generally have with skins that have pretty strong highlights on the skin. I usually set most of my pics up in world, and with a very contrasting skin, the highlights are easily over exposed in windlight. When making one with less contrast, to compensate, the whole may look dull and either way, it requires massive editing in photoshop to correct that.

But anyway, I am rambling, and this is not a skin post, so lets just skip to the credits:

  • Hair Kalia in marmalade by Truth for Truth Hawks
  • Skin Blessa tan Sweetheart by JUliette Westerburg for Très Blah
  • Tattoo Mash up by Vicky Werefox for Para Designs
  • Every Day tank in mint by Aranel Ah for BOOM
  • Justice skirt faded by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch
  • Fae wedges in khaki green by Tya Fallingbridge for PixelMode

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