Miamai’s Chod Collection


My love for Miamai creations is well known, but how pleased I was to find out that Don has also discovered the beauty in Monica Outlander’s designs. And while, as he says, these designs are not for going shopping (why not? Your world, your imagination) he loves dressing up in these stunning outfits as much as I do.

The Chod collection was released after yesterday’s show at the Modavia Fashion Week and are available on the MFW sim only for the duration of the event.  It’s a preview of what is to come later with the release of Moni’s new Black Label collection.

Don is wearing Skanda (jacket) and Begtsen (pants) on his Belleza Jacob skin and Repulse demon eyes and I chose the white Dakini pants and the white Dakini headdress as well as the white version of HUZ Tattoos D’jango tat. The Hydra bracelet is from Rozoregalia.

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  1. Hi, I love the photo and featured it in my column at Shopping Cart Disco. Called What I Like, the column highlights what I think are some of the best recent photos from Second Life fashion blogs.

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