Miamai’s new Black Label collection, Metamorphosis, is full of awesome. Awesome textures, awesome masks, awesome wings, awesome spines, awesome wicked and most of all, full of awesome ideas straight from the head of Miamai’s creatrix, Monica Outlander. While this is not my every day apparel, I LOVE playing with this collection, so expect many more pics in the coming time. 

Credits: all clothing and make up by Miamai. In the first image Graz is wearing a hairbase by Vaya Con Dios, and skin Jadis by Glam Affair. In picture 2, Don’s visor is by House of Vaughan, skin by Belleza. Grazia wears Amacci hair and her skin is PXL Creations.

Awesome piece of machinima for Inmutatio, the presentation of the Metamorphosis collection

Taxi to Miamai



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