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Tomorrow, LeLutka will release this beautiful and delicate new skin. While it definitely has Minnu Palen’s signature, it’s so unlike the previous skins from LeLutka. I always associate LeLutka skins with limelight skins.. worn by people who are, or aspire to be, in the centre of attention. Flutter is different. She has this vulnerable delicate character. Not a wallflower, but also not someone who will actively look for the glam and the glitter.

While talking to Minnu for a bit yesterday, she told me that she felt she was taking a risk with this skin, because it may not be what most of her clientele expects. But after so many commercial sucesses, Minnu just felt like doing a skin for her own fun again.

Flutter comes in 5 beautiful skin tones, and (I think that is a first in LeLutka history) all skin tones have the same make ups.  This makes me happy, because I always felt sad when an awesome make up was not available in my preferred skin tone! Also, this skin has no separate make up tattoo’s available.
Prim nail lovers will like the fact that Minnu has included skin covers for every skin tone. No more fiddling to match the nail artist’s glove covers!

Flutter’s body is amazing. While in every previous skin there was at least 1 feature that I didn’t care for… This one is flawless in my opinion.Collarbone, breasts, hands, even the feet look as good as it gets. No seams at all and look at those dimples!!! I love those.

Waiting is almost over, Flutter will be released on August, 4!

Eyes by Fashism, Hair by Truth, Lingerie by Meghindo

6 thoughts on “Meet Flutter”

  1. “I always associate LeLutka skins with limelight skins.. worn by people who are, or aspire to be, in the centre of attention.”

    LOL great review! I’ve just always thought it’s cos they had good taste, not attention whores 😛

  2. Hi Gogo, you chose to misunderstand me. Minnu’s previous skins were always so glamorous, they were MADE for the catwalk… or otherwise being in the spotlight. That has nothing to do with the buyers being an attention whore or not (if being in the spotlight is always attention whoring in you opinion). Flutter is more delicate, and because of the specific facial features not everyone will find her fitting to their shapes.

    I love that Minnu has made a skin that SHE totally enjoys without worrying whether it is as commercial as her previous lines.

  3. HI! I’M FURIOUS! When I tried this skin, I look like a old mental patient. I just tried the demo of this skin flutter,and i look like my grandmother! Oh God, sincerely i have 42 on RL, but I DON’T want looks like 42 on SL! Sl for me is a fantasy, I just wanna looks like a beautiful young lady everyday. I just hate the highlights, and the lips looks like my p*ssy (sorry about it). BTW, I looked like a leper, the Bistre tone have yellow tits. I do not even bother to try the other shades. Thank you.

    1. Do you even read the tripe you spit up?

      For fuck’s sake, you’re 42 years old, and in all that time, you’ve never once managed to learn that the universe doesn’t revolve around you?

      That everything isn’t custom-tailored to your insecure little ego-hole and vapid delusions of adequacy?

      That temper tantrums just make you look like an achingly shallow little fuckmidget?

      The best part, however, is your total willingness to throw around all sorts of shit-talk about the skins and be a belligerent little (or not so little, more likely) cunt about it all, while being sublimely oblivious to the fact that the only real failure here is yours, evidenced by your utter inability to grasp how the fuck to use your settings to not look like a jaundiced seahag on your end.

      Then again, just from your tone, I’m guessing you’re probably sporting so many god damned facelights that, were your avatar a real, live entity, she’d be charred to a crisp every bit as cancerous as the cesspool passing for your personality, and we’d be spared your words of wisdumb forevermore.

      Don’t worry, though- no matter how ugly your own incompetence makes your little digibarbie, your tits’ll always be larger than your head, you glamorous supermodel, you!

  4. Aren’t demos a wonderful thing? No need to be furious about 1 skin that is not for you. There are thousands of others that will be to your liking.

    Also, the way you see a skin is highly influenced by your windlight settings. I’d like to suggest you using Caliah’s, which is pretty much in every 3rd party viewer these days because it’s a very neutral setting that makes SL look better than the default settings.

    Take a chill pill and behave like your RL age. Temper tantrums are SO unbecoming.

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