Maintenance Scares the Hell Out of Me

A planned release was postponed last Wednesday wooooo! Too many bugs to release v 1.17.0. Instead there would be some maintenance and limited down time to complete some database work. Sounds good, and I am convinced of the good intentions of our brave Lindens, but OMG… what a pain did SL become after the completion of the work. That cannot have been the purpose.

A blog post on the official Linden Blog mentioned some Search problems that need to be adressed. Such a euphemism. Is that the Bristol influence that we notice already? UK people are masters of understatement. SL is borked. Big time BORKED. Search does not work, you can’t upload anything, sims have disappeared, TP’s fail, people get stuck in sims where they don’t want to be and on top of everything I just tried to log on to a sim where I wanted to go which apparently was unavailable, so I got sent to a nearby sim which happened to be Linden land Hanson. Not only not being able to go where I needed to, but ruthed to the bone. No previously worn attachments have stuck to my avie. Second time around my account was unavailable for like 10 minutes. Good work guys.. awesome maintenance job. I think I am going to faint when the next update is anounced… must be sheer hell as this is only the aftermath of “some maintenance”.
Taking photos is also a virtual impossibility right now, so I took one from my archive.

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