Mahuika, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz. Image edited

Oh well… I blogged my new release, so it’s only fair that I give the same attention to Hunain’s newest tattoo, Mahuika. After all, we share this place now, right? 🙂

Mahuika is the goddess of fire of the Maori, although in some regions Mahuika is also referred to as a male deity. So when Hunain asked me if I knew a name for this full torso tattoo with flames and fire symbols on it, I wanted a name that would do it justice, but would also be good for both men and women… and see, I found Mahuika.

This tattoo comes in color and in black and also in a colored and black faded version. It’s out now, at HUZ Tattoos.

As for the photo… hmmm… I got a bit carried away, hope you like it

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  1. That’s a fantastic look, Grazia. I’m so picky about tattoos, but that one looks awesome…I’ll have to check it out!

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